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Series 1 Series 2 Loss Screens
Victory Screens Sketches Backgrounds

Series 1 features all 10 characters and has both thumbnails and roughly 330x430 larger images. I liked this style of art as the lines are very sketchy but it's all done very well. I do not know where these images came from.

Series 2 also has thumbnails and larger images being in the 240x240 range. Yun and Yang are separated in this set and it also contains Gill, for a total of 12 images. Once again, I'm unsure of the source.

The third series is the bloody loss screens, for all 11 playable characters. This is great art, from a cool perspective art, but unfortunately I do not know the source.

The victory screen images were from scans of the Street Fighter III: New Generation Artbook and some are a little washed out (Oro in particular). However, it's cool art and the images are a decent resolution (~500x700 or so). I don't know who did the scan and I don't own the artbook. There is no art of Gill here but there are separate works for Yun and Yang.

The sketches gallery was taken from the arcade version of SF3. Some of these have text over them, but all are 384x224 are are awesome. This contains all 12 characters (Yun/Yang + Gill)

The final gallery contains sketches for what would become the level backgrops. These are all about 240x170 or so, and are quite nice. Note the perspective of the levels as the top seem to stretch out.

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