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Series 1 Series 1 (Swaps) Series 2

Series #1 is from the character selection screen. These gifs were captures by me from the arcade version.

The next gallery is identical to the first, however, I went through and captured each character and his/her alternate colors. This includes six punch and six kick colors, SSF2 swaps, both Chun-Li's outfits, Sakura's extra outfits, Evil Ryu and Shin Gouki. It's absurd and tallies over 130 captures.

Series #2 is the series' official art and is likely the best art in the entire Street Fighter universe. Thanks to Jap-Sai for this gallery.

The background series was scanned from the Versus strategy guide. These are all phenomenal. I scanned them in at 300dpi. Four of the five newcomers (all but Sakura) had smaller art in the book, therefore those scans aren't quite as large. Great stuff!

Poster 1 Poster 2
1156x1200 1091x1200

I've lost the link to the source of this art, please email me if you know the site.

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