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This section has been updated to include a massive amount of art. Let's break it all down!

The first three series are all official promotional art in fantastic high resolution. Capcom was at the top of its game in 1997 and this artwork clearly shows that.

Next, we move on to the win-loss screen art. This includes obscenely-large renditions of the latter with each file clocking in at several Mb each. The victory screen images were from scans of the Street Fighter III: New Generation Artbook and some are a little washed out (Oro in particular). However, it's cool art and the images are a decent resolution (~500x700 or so).

Underneath those are sprite rips from the arcade boards featuring the exact same art. These includes all six colors for each fighter (only three each for Yun & Yang) as well as a full set for 2nd Impact. As the art was re-used, I've put both galleries together, though of course the outfit colors differ. Due to this, Hugo, Urien and Gouki are included. There are 145 sprites in the first set and 151 in the second. Absurd.

The sketches gallery was taken from the arcade version of SF3 and was captured ages ago. Some of these have text over them, but all are 384x224 are are awesome. This contains all 12 characters (Yun/Yang + Gill)

The final galleries contains backgrounds. The first is a collection of concept-art which is both stunning and enormous. Huge, hig-res images are available here. The last entry are high-resolution, upscaled rips I made of backdrops straight from the arcade games. These look phenomenal though they do not contain all levels.


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