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Kairi Elizabeth Esposito
5th January, 2008
7lbs 9oz - 20.5"
First With Mom BIG Yawn! Just Born
Closeup 1 Closeup 2 Closeup Sad
My Big Sister Sleepy Wink!
Two Big Sisters Rein & Grum

Videos (big files)

New Pics - 7 January
With Mom With Mom Sleeping
Stretching Time To Leave
With Dad

New Pics - 14 January
Animals With Sissy
Dad's Hand Family
With Dad Zoe
Grandma With Mom
Dad Smiling Dad Perspective

New Pics - 16 January
Stare Elf Ear First Bottle
Over The Shoulder Nakey
Who is Whom?

New Pics - 1 February
Cute Face With Dad (again) Just Lemme Eat!