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Series 1 Profiles Renders

The first gallery here contains high-res art for the initial cast of 16 fighters. These have the art on a background, I haven't got any clean images. Credit to Shoryuken and Capcom Japan for this art.

The second gallery is just insanity. The CFN site has biographies and character guides for well over 100 people in the SF world. This ranges from Dhalsim's wife to the two guys punching one another in the intro to SFII. It's excessive and that's probably why I like it. In fact, it's so much that there are people I don't even know. Therefore this gallery is huge, even at thumbnail size. As of this writing, the full resolution set of art is almost 70Mb and consists of over 250 images. It's by far the largest gallery on this site. Enjoy it and report any dead links. I didn't verify all of them!

The final set also contains images from the CFN site. This time, these are character costume renders. Considering the ludicrous number of outfits the game features, there are a ton of images here. Credit goes to Damastah101 @ Reddit for extracting and posting these. This section will need rather continuous updates.

Poster 1
1100x619 - 805k
Arcade Edition Poster
1500x1000 - 243k

This poster contains the first eight characters to be revealed. It's a small image but the straight-on character art indicates there's another set to come! Courtesy of Capcom Japan.

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