The first release was subtexted The Night Warriors in all territories.

The sequel was titled Vampire Hunter in Japan, with Darkstalkers' Revenge as its suffix. After Vampire Savior came out in 1997, Japan got an exclusive upgrade which added Donovan, Phobos and Pyron to its roster (along some other tweaks) and this was called Vampire Hunter 2.

Vampire Hunter was titled Night Warriors in the West, murking up the title pool a little. When Vampire Hunter 2 was released, this logo could be found in the game's code - but Night Warriors 2 would never be localized making this an official-yet-unused logo.

The final entry into the series was Vampire Savior and, like Vampire Hunter 2 above, an alternate 'sequel' arrived several months after launch. This was called Vampire Savior 2 and this title was exclusive to Japanese arcades.

This is another unused logo. Initial plans were to call the third entry Jedah's Damnation and some promotional art even contains this title, though it was abandoned prior to launch. It was called Vampire Savior in all territories - a shame, because this is a cool title and logo!

While the Saturn got an excellent port of Vampire Savior, the Playstation game was quite watered down. This was given the suffix EX Edition in Japan, much like the initial installments of the Marvel Vs. games. In the West, the outrageously-lazy Darkstalkers 3 was used with this horrendous logo.

The Dreamcast port of Vampire Savior was an all-stars tribute, allowing to play all 18 fighers in a variety of styles and modes.

The Dreamcast game was later ported over to the PSP with excellent results. This had a single-player mode called The Chaos Tower and as such, the game's suffix changed again.

Finally, the console collection of Vampire Hunter/Night Warriors and Vampire Savior were issued with the Resurrection title affixed. As of 2020, this is the final entry into the series.

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