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Welcome to SFG!
Street Fighter Galleries covers artwork spanning the entire SF universe of games. From in-game captures to official artwork, SFG offers dozens of galleries, covering every game Ryu & co. have ever appeared in. Check the Site Map for a full listing of SF games.

In addition to the regular SF series of games, the site also caters to many other Capcom fighting games. This includes the entire Marvel Vs Series, SNK Vs Series, Other Titles such as Pocket Fighter and Capcom All-Stars and much more. I also put together a Complete SF Game List. Finally, please also note the Links Page. Much of the art found on this site came from other pages. In all cases I've given a link in the index as well as in the art page. If you like any of the art here, please check out the sites from where the art came!

15th June, 2022

If the rumors are true, there was a bit of a hiccup in the development of Street Fighter VI a few years back. The title was reportedly not received favorably internally which led to both a delay and a final, fifth season of SFV. While Capcom never verified these rumblings, we know there's at least some evidence of the validity. On the one hand, there was a massive shift in SFV and its final year of development. On the other, Capcom's unveiling of SFVI was a tremendous success, showing off a highly-polished product despite being months away from release.

It's simply astonishing how well the sixth numbered entry was presented. Well-thought-out mechanics, a unified style, a flashy presentation and the promise of a complete package all have gotten Capcom back in the good graces of fighting-game fans the world over. After six full years of SFV, it's time to move on and I'm excited about the future.

The next news I expect to hear will be at Evo in early August. After the deluge of information and videos, it'll be quiet for a short time. However, I fully anticipate a steady stream as autumn rolls around. For today, I'm posting the first official art from the game, showing the five confirmed fighters. (The leaked cast is a whole different story!) Enjoy the first entry into the Street Fighter VI galleries!

Street Fighter VI

26th January, 2022

Another year, more art and another international move. After some time, i've managed to get all 129 arcade-mode endings and all 179 special endings are now on the site. I'm thrilled to have completed the whole lot as of season five, with 308 endings over five seasons. Below are some samples of some of my favorite lady-centric illustrations.

Street Fighter V Special Endings

25th April, 2021

Back when the 30th Anniversary Collection hit Japan, several bonus items shipped alongside of it, likely to help entice gamers after they had to wait an additional six months for it to arrive. One such item was a set of tarot cards with SF faces adorning them, all with spectacular art. Of course, these sold out immediately, but with Rose's entrance to Street Fighter V, we got a full set of these cards. There are 22 base entries, numbering 0-21, with an additional two to round it all out. These look just phenomenal and it makes this set the 154th gallery on this site. Just remarkable. These were all taken from Monkeygigabuster's post on Reddit.

Enjoy the sample below. I'll be moving across the Atlantic again soon, so I'll likely be quiet for a while.

Street Fighter V Tarot Cards

20th March, 2021

Two updates in a month! Fancy that! I finally got around to tossing together a Street Fighter Duel gallery. This Chinese-only mobile game features some utterly-spectacular art and it was time to get that represented on the site. I have a bevvy of other art from the game, all torn from the official site. However, none of these are complete enough to warrant inclusion. Just a quick update today - enjoy the samples of this fabulous art.

Oh, and one final note - I captured Dan's arcade endings and special endings making that gallery 100% complete least until Rose's arrival!

Street Fighter Duel

7th March, 2021

Today's update is entirely related to Street Fighter III. All three major games were updated with higher-res source art and the galleries themselves were cleaned up, sorted and niceified.

Starting with New Generation, you'll find there are an impressive 10 galleries there now! Short version: it's all fixed up now and I added a pair of new galleries there: win and loss sprites. Ripping these from the original arcade games, I did palette swaps for every fighter in both NG and 2I. Combining them means that each gallery has over every color for every fighter. The Win Poses section features 145 images - roughly 12 colors for each character (6 for 2I fighters and 9 for Yun & Yang. Just 1 for Gill). The Loss Poses section has an additional half dozen thanks to Gouki's censored blood.

Thus, I fixed up the 2nd Impact page with new art, collapsing the old art into its proper gallery in New Generation. Finally, 3rd Strike has been improved. No new material, but higher-quality source art.

Remarkably, this brings the site's tally up to an astonishing 150 galleries! It's taken almost 20 years - but it's been well worth it, if you ask me. There's never been an ad on the site too! If you're feeling grateful, consider purchasing Street Fighter Compendium: A Definitive History, my massive, 250+ page tome on the Street Fighter franchise! Until then, some samples.

Win Poses
Loss Poses

23rd January, 2021

This site turns 19 years old next month and the art continues to flow. Today's update includes a bunch of Street Fighter V material. First up is a huge update to the Renders gallery. This includes all the alternate costumes for all 40 fighters and stands at a whopping 346 images. New updates are credited to Biachunli over at Reddit and I just culled through his posts to include only the unique outfits. That's a lot of costumes!

Continuing with the SFV love, DavidPN helped me a great deal in collecting all the arcade-mode endings as I hadn't updated that section in two years. Together we filled in the blanks which now totals 117 endings both with and without captions. Our supplier is French, so some of the new captioned ones are in his native tongue. But that's not all! He also provided a number of arcade special endings which motivated me to finish off that gallery too! There are 170 individual images there making the SFV pages the most expansive game section on the site (don't forget the Profiles section which hosts an additional 250 pics!) It's kind of crazy how much is in there.

Street Fighter V Endings

31st October, 2020

I forgot about some other updates in my big post from yesterday. In addition to all that work, all three Street Fighter EX sections were overhauled entirely. Let's see:

The first Street Fighter EX has completely new galleries of all fighters, including the EX+ and EX+A fighters as well. Both galleries were done by Bengus and these represent some of my favorite art the series has ever seen.

Street Fighter EX2 and EX2 Plus also got brand-new updates, replacing terrible, low-quality items from the early 2000s. Two galleries are present here with all 24 fighters from the arcade upgrade. I actually merged two galleries together in this process, thus losing one in my total site tally.

Street Fighter EX3 has no new art, as I had a great gallery from ages ago, but I updated the thumbnails. As this site was from a different era (launched in 2002), I used to keep thumbnails very small due to bandwidth concerns. No big deal nowadays!

Anyhow, the EX series holds a special place in my heart, and I'm glad to update these galleries with some better-quality versions. The search continues, however, as not all of these are the best.

Street Fighter EX Street Fighter EX2

30th October, 2020

2020 will be a year long remembered as being fraught with plight and woe. However, in the midst of a plague, quarantines and re-openings, this site has received a surprising amount of love. I've been holding off on making an announcement about all the updates, but by doing so, I've forgotten some of the tremendous amount of work that's been done!

Working from the most recent backwards, I totally redid all the Vampire / Darkstalkers pages. Each has been expanded with some key art/posters, revamped galleries and updated descriptions. I launched this section way back in early 2004 thinking I'd "exhausted most of my options when it comes to SF art." How foolish was I? So, for Vampire / Darkstalkers we've got a new series of Bengus art and another highlighting background stage concept art. For Vampire Hunter / Night Warriors, just a pair of official artworks follow the already-expansive section.

For Vampire Savior, I greatly detailed the individual entries, much like in 2012 FAQ for the series. This details all the unique revisions. Here, I also included several new pieces of key art, the iconic Bengus character artwork, a selection of background stage concept art and an overly-unnecessary win-portrait palette swap set containing 146 unique sprites.


Vampire Chronicle got a small update with revised art and the Logo Collection was expanded with explanations and new, higher-res captures where necessary. I still have some I can add to these galleries.

Over the summer, I dove into my favorite Street Fighter sub-franchise: Zero / Alpha. The first Street Fighter Zero has five new pieces of high-res art and two series of updated art (one and two). These new pieces are much-needed replacements for decades-old scans. In this and many others cases, I didn't replace thumbnails, but the full art, often in PNG format, is in the 1000 x 2000 pixel range - far better than my old entries! Zero 2, the best ever, received six posters and one updated gallery.

Moving on to Zero 3 - I never finished with key art, but Series 2, Series 3a and Series 4 all got updates.

That may be all - I don't know. My Site Map tells me I'm at 148 galleries. I surpassed 100 back in early 2013 when the site was turning a meager 11 years old. This coming February will mark the 19th anniversary and never once has an ad graced these galleries. I do hope you enjoy this art and if you're interested in the history behind all these games, consider my Street Fighter Compendium: A Definitive History book which is now on sale in Kindle format as well!

Zero & Zero 2 Key Art

13th May, 2020

Just a reminder of my newly-published Street Fighter Compendium: A Definitive History book from March. The book is an absolute beast, packed with thousands of images, screenshots, promotional materiala, comparisons and a detailed history.

There are no new galleries today but I've updated the Street Fighter V Renders page with scores of new entries. This brings the gallery up to a whopping 287 images! This gallery is missing a handful of outfits, but it appears Capcom's CFN isn't updating with new costume renders. I suppose 287 will have to suffice!!!

Book Cover SFV Renders

29th March, 2020

I have just published Street Fighter Compendium: A Definitive History - a 250-page book covering every entry into the Street Fighter franchise. This is available in both paperback through Amazon all over the world and also on PDF for those who prefer that format. This book is phenomenal and really is a must-have for any fan of the series. Feel free to check out a quick flipthrough video I made.

Street Fighter Galleries turned 18 sometime in the last two months. In that time, I've moved from New York to Maine to Sweden to Italy. This franchise has been part of my life since I was 12; I am now 44. While the site has quite the comprehensive collection of art, I've opted to upload something new for this update. Taking sprite backgrounds from Street Fighter III, I've gone and upscaled them to show off their insane details. While I'd done this in the past and also posted non-upscaled backgrounds on my personal site, this was my first effort to do an entire set.

So, what we have is most of the stages from Street Fighter III: New Generation and all of the backdrops from both SFIII: 2nd Impact and SFIII: 3rd Strike. All are upscaled and look simply remarkable. These include most alternates as well - like day/night swaps, though again, certain ones are missing from the first entry.

I hope you are faring well in this time of global lockdowns and pandemic strife. We're almost three weeks locked entirely down. Looking forward to things improving in the coming weeks!

SFIII Stage Backgrounds
Street Fighter III: New Generation
Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact
Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

3rd January, 2020

As the site approaches its 18th anniversary, it's remarkable that new content remains to upload! The other day, while working on my book, I did a routine search on my HDD which yielded some older Vampire Hunter (Night Warriors) art I never put up! Amazing! So, the usual thing happened: I ended up doing way too much work, updating new galleries, and recapturing old ones!

As I head up north for the weekend, just outside of Rome, I'll do a quick update with these new galleries. The first is an old one where I've captured alternate colors. These captures have eight of each color and are the usual excessive nonsense. The old gallery remains on the site.

Galleries 2 and 3 are just phenomenal. These are official galleries from both Ikeno and Bengus. Just check them out, they're worth it. This brings the site up to 140 galleries. Just amazing!

Vampire Hunter

27th June, 2019

Who would have thought that, after 14 months of radio silence, a pair of updates would arrive in the span of one week? Not only a pair of updates, but one revamped page and four new ones!

Part of it is that I will be without a PC until September. I move in 11 days - yet another blind leap to a nation I've never even once visited. And so why not blast out a few galleries - both old and new!

So today I am writing about the inclusion of a bevy of new galleries. *Takes deep breath*. With the newly-cleaned-up SNK Versus Games page, I was bothered by the absence of some games. I went through SNK Vs. Capcom: Card Fighters 2 - Expand Edition and...Why not go through the Neo Geo Pocket Color's final game and rip all 160 cards? It was a silly endeavor but totally worth it. These come from the fan-translated ROM which results in some minor name tweaks. As it never was released outside of Japan, this will have to do - and I cannot complain! This is a great gallery.

It then continues to the series finale. SNK Vs. Capcom: Card Fighters DS was the last game in the crossover franchise. This time there were only 150 cards, but these are in a higher resolution and, using the American ROM, contain all the Western names. Unsurprisingly, these look phenomenal as well.

The next galleries are sets of very old artwork which have been residing on the HDD for over seven years. First is for Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. The upgraded title contains ridiculously-high-res art, many full-size PNGs clocking in at several Mb each. All 51 characters are here in what is likely the largest gallery on this entire site. Next up was Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom. There are two new galleries for this title and its home translation as well as three posters. The images are pretty high-res and while I don't particularly love the art itself, it's nice to finally get these on the site.

But it doesn't end there! The fighters from Vampire / Darkstalkers made some appearances in other titles. There are two games: Cross Edge and Onimusha Soul. The characters were mostly females, but the full artwork is really excellent and I only really thought of it after flipping through Udon's excellent Official Complete Works book.

Thought that was it? Silly you! Six galleries down and two more to go. With fewer and fewer games left uncovered, I dove back into the world of Final Fight. I've tossed galleries up for both Final Fight Revenge and Mighty Final Fight. Each comes from the now-defunct Arcade Gear, one of my favorite sites from back in the day.

Eight galleries enough? That brings the grand tally to 136. If I take a few months off to move, I think I can be forgiven, especially since this is the largest single update in over six years.

20th June, 2019

OK, while it truly has been a long time since my last update, I have a good excuse. First off, I've written two books. The first is dedicated to the Tony Hawk line of videogames while the second is on The Street Fighter Zero / Alpha series. The latter will eventually be combined into a super-book containing info on every SF ever released. It's kind of crazy.

And so, my time has been solely given to those projects and this site remained on the backburner. It's not all bad - this site is doing just fine without regular maintenance! However, today, before another move interrupts my life again, I've opted to update the SNK Versus Games Galleries. The section has been brought up-to-date with the likes of other series, and has logos and info on each and every versus title between the two companies.

In addition, I've finally gotten around to updating the site with Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom art. The decade-old game never quite reached the prominence of the mainline games or versus titles but it's worth including on the site! A pair of galleries exist with a slightly different roster of fighters.

Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom

2nd April, 2018

The collection of endings in SFV: AE made one gallery a bit unwieldy. I have, therefore, split the galleries into two: The first contains each character's ending in its comic-book style. These are now broken down by character rather than by game. Caption-free art is coupled with the full set of text-overlaid images. The entire set is complete up to Blanka, and will be updated with the remaining five characters as they are released.

The second gallery contains special endings. This section is comprised of new and legacy artwork and has some truly remarkable stuff.

Thus, there's really nothing particularly new here, though these sections have been continually updated since AE's arrival several months ago. As always, enjoy!

28th January, 2018

With the arrival of SFV: AE, I've been sucked back into the game and its new arcade mode offers an insane amount of new art. Over 200 endings are present, a number sure to grow as season 3 progresses. My newest insane endeavor is to collect all of these pieces of art, captured at full 1920x1280 (thus the large file sizes and slow load times, FYI). I've reached out for help and many have aided, all credited in the gallery itself. A number of these are arcade comic-style panels, but alongside some classic, legacy artwork resides a plethora of insanely-awesome new artwork. My goal is to collect all of these. If you can help, please let me know. It's tough choosing some samples, but here are just a few of the dozens I have on there already. Enjoy!


22nd October, 2017

Some inspiration drove me to upload yet another gallery today, Last month's Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite arrived with a decent set of art and I've included all that's currently available. This gallery contains the 30 base characters and a handful of the first set of DLC fighters. This brings the site's total galleries to 125, rather impressive! I'd like to get some more up eventually...think there are some stragglers on the HDD. Here are a few samples from the high-res MVCI full-body action shots!


22nd October, 2017

The news of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition wasn't a surprise, but it's damn exciting! Today I've updated the Street Fighter V page with a few things. First is the logo for the new AE release. Second is a pretty kick-ass poster for the title. Finally, thanks to Damastah101 over at Reddit, we've got scores of costume renders for all characters. These are all pretty cool and there are sure to be dozens more to come!

4th September, 2017

It's been a long while but I've got plenty going on. I'm 90% of the way through my Tony Hawk book and I just may have a SF one brewing for afterwards. In fact, I'm thinking of doing a few...but that's a different story. Today's update isn't even a full gallery...yet. It seems Capcom is putting together a new Puzzle Fighter, this time with a more abbreviated titles. It's looking like a mobile-only F2P game which will certainly look nice but I'm always leery of those F2P games. In any event I thought I'd toss up the logo and whenever the full art set rolls in, I'll have to set up another gallery to go alongside the existing ones. Until then, enjoy the new logo!

25th January, 2017

There are a few minor updates still brewing, but in my research to update the outdated Game List, I came across some info and artwork. Street Fighter: Battle Combination is a mobile-only "port" of SFIV. It's pretty standard fare for a mobile game and the roster is almost entirely made up of SFIV characters...with the exception of one. Capcom decided to toss R. Mika in there and in matching her artwork with the rest of the gang, they had someone redo her classic SFZ3 portrait. It's a truly unnecessary addition to the site. The left is her Zero 3 art and the middle pic is the new one. I am tossing that up as well as the Sakura load screen image just because.

R. Mika (SFZ3) R. Mika (SFBC) Sakura (Load Screen)

14th January, 2017

I failed to post the new image Capcom made for USF2. It's a Bengus illustration made in the same style of his SSFII poster from over 20 years ago. It's actually pretty cool and features Evil Ryu, Violent Ken and Gouki, none of whom were present in the original release. I'm actually kind of excited about this title, despite its fundamental flaws. I'm really not expecting much, so any bone they could toss us would be great. However, if the price tag, roughly $40 equivalent to the Japanese price, is true, screw that. I'm hoping for a PS4 port anyways. $40? That's laughable.

So, I updated the USFII section with the new poster and then went back to fix up some other sections. First I added a poster to Marvel Super Heroes I'd been meaning to get to. Then I fixed up the Logos Gallery with some new items (I never posted about Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite here yet!) So, two posters and some housekeeping today. :) More to come!

New Posters
USFII Poster MSH Poster

Oh, if you wanted to compare the two posters, I tossed them side-by-side just for giggles. I think it's a cool update to this classic poster. Of course, the Super characters were removed for the redesign. Kind of neat.

13th January, 2017

...and you thought they were done!

Nope! More than 25 years after SFII launches, we're getting another version! This entry, titled Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers is a Nintendo Switch exclusive title and it adds a pair of 'new' fighters: Evil Ryu and Violent Ken. The former has been around since Street Fighter Zero 2 back in '96, but the latter only appeared in the SNK-developed SNK Vs. Capcom: Chaos in 2003.

This game appears to be just a slight makeover of 2008's Super Street Fighter II Turbo: HD Remix. It'll feature the classic sprites or the HD visuals and it adds a two-vs-CPU Dramatic Mode. Release date and pricing have yet to be announced. Therefore, all I have today is a logo but you can take a peek at some screenshots over at Capcom Unity.

Oh, and I arrived in Sweden back in September. I had a full update prepared for Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom but a HDD failure means I have to start from scratch. I endeavor to get to that gallery sometime shortly. Happy New Year!

USFII: The Final Challengers

25th August, 2016

Capcom's CFN site began, several months ago, uploading character profiles for scores of individuals in the SF world. These span from the obvious fighters to relatives like Guile's daughter to the ever-popular Peter Zonta. From Retsu and Goutetsu to Dudley's butler and even Ibuki's pet raccoon. The entire Mad Gear gang and the fighters from the cancelled Capcom Fighting All Stars were also included as well as alternate, unused costumes in SFV. As of this writing there are almost 200 characters on top of the cast of SFV. It's ludicrous. I debated, for quite some time, whether or not this would fit on this site and since it's excessive and nonsensical and entirely unnecessary, the answer of course was yes. Therefore this gallery will be ever-evolving (while my drive to update it continues) but it's kind of cool seeing them all together. Just note two things:

First, with all those images, the section may take a bit to load up, particularly on slower connections.

Second, I'm moving to Sweden in about three weeks, so while things get shuffled around, I may be slow updating these. I'll likely be without my PC until almost November.

Anyways, enjoy this. It's fun and silly.

SFV Profiles
Satsuki Geki Female Blanka Azam

22nd August, 2016

Today's update covers the 1995 Capcom fighter Cyberbots. I really only wanted to get a sprite of Z-Gouki and that, of course, turned into a full capturing/editing process. (I did get both colors of Z-Gouki ripped, BTW) Anyhow, I ended up capturing three galleries from the arcade version along with some PS1 editing. Then I utilized the wonderful Arcade Gear to finish out the section with some official art. The gallery total is now up to 122 and I've linked all four galleries here for your samples. Enjoy the low-resolution, 20-year-old art!

Cyberbots: Fullmetal Madness
Selection Screen Profiles
Endings Official Art

Oh, and here are your Z-Gouki sprites. Just the standing pose for both colors. Full standing animations would be way too much work!

Oh, I suppose I should also point you towards something I did last month. I captured and did a comparison of all the dolls from SFV. When the story mode launched, I was thrilled to see all twelve included. So, I did a full gallery of them from SFV and compared them to their SFZ3 selves. I likely will have more doll art to come as I just found a gallery on my HDD from 2003. I haven't a clue who made them, I suspect they're not official, but it might be worth tossing on the site. For another day, perhaps! Enjoyo!

20th April, 2016

There have been a bunch of housekeeping updates to the site over the last few weeks, none of which anyone would have noticed. I did finally separate the Pocket Fighter section from the Super Puzzle Fighter II X art section. The big addition was courtesy of The Spriter's Resource. There's a full set of rips (= very low res) of the characters from SNK Vs Capcom: Match Of The Millenium. This is the second set of art for this game and they're pretty cool. I wish I had a save game for this so to rip the rest of the game's animations (I captured standing animations ages ago.) In any event, here's a sample now.

SNK Vs Capcom
Match Of The Milennium

Oh, and in related news, I also posted some new rips to my site. If you're interested, check out some WonderSwan Pocket Fighter sprites as well as GameBoy Street Fighter Zero GIFs.

12th March, 2016

After a slew of updates last autumn, it's been quiet around here. Right now, of course, it's all about Street Fighter V and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. I've written a few FAQs on SFV as well BTW.

Alex will be released shortly and so I'll update the site with his art then, but otherwise I haven't much to share. Over at the Official Japanese SFV Site they've got some updates on Kiki and Bengus, a pair of official SF artists. Normally I don't put lower-resolution art here, especially when it doesn't fit in any gallery. But Kiki's art of the twelve Dolls and a piece from the SFV Vital Box are both pretty cool and I thought I'd share. Until the DLC characters start rolling out, it'll remain quiet around here.

Street Fighter V: Kiki
Street Fighter V: Bengus

The pic of all 12 dolls is pretty cool and with the additional focus on them, both in artwork and in Cammy's story, I wouldn't be surprised if we see Decapre or even alternate outfit choices.

In addition, the special editions of the Japanese game have an awesome cover. Featuring two of the Battle Costumes (including Hot Ryu) it's spectacular.

Street Fighter V Cover

22nd September, 2015

This is another set of art that's been on the hard drive for some time. Street Fighter: Puzzle Spirits is an Android/IOS puzzle game that came out about a year ago. While I've never gotten a chance to play this, the art is pretty solid! There is at least one more set of full art, but I don't have access to that unmarked. There are two galleries here and a pair of posters. All art is courtesy of the the official site and SOS Gamers. Enjoy this awesome SD art!

Street Fighter: Puzzle Spirits

Oh, and I've added art for F.A.N.G. in SFV. He's the sixteenth and last fighter confirmed for the initial roll-out of Street Fighter V. The six DLC fighters have been confirmed, though we're a long time away from them. Urien, Juri, Guile, Ibuki, M. Bison and Alex are coming. Alex is going to look utterly spectacular IMO.

22nd September, 2015

I proclaimed in January that, "almost all of my art possibilities" had been exhausted and that the site was "nearly complete." Foolish me! Four new galleries in four days and I could do more but my wife has surgery tomorrow. She should take precedent. This gallery isn't the best quality but I've opted to include it for completion purposes and also because I quite like it! There was no one true source, though many were found over at the Capcom Wiki. Several are low resolution, Boman is missing and it is far from a perfect set. However, it was fun going through these and marveling at the caliber of art. I may toss up the second game, but that'll have to wait a day or two.

Rival Schools (Series 2)

21st September, 2015

Three galleries in three days! Oh yeah! Today is Rival Schools. Carrying the Legion Of Heroes suffix in the east, it was renamed United By Fate in the west. I always liked this art even though I never really played the game ages ago. Looking back, I miss those days. Capcom was churning out titles but the artwork was top-notch and I miss the days where arcade fighters were king. Even in the late-90s, I couldn't foresee the genre dying out (outside of more urban markets, like where I live now). In any event, since Sakura is in this one, it's somewhat SF related. I love this art and while there's another gallery out there somewhere (I have it in my All About Capcom Fighters: 1987-2000 book), I don't know if I'll get a full-res set any time soon. For now, gallery #114!

Rival Schools

20th September, 2015

Three updates in three days? Two new galleries? I may even have another for tomorrow! It's a good time! Well, since the Project X Zone gallery was yesterday I figured I'd look to see when the second game was coming out. Oh, in two months! And the official site has art on many of the new characters! How convenient! The downside is that some aren't available and that the returning characters from the first game have no new art at all. That sucks. So, Ryu, Chun-Li and Ken all have the same art. Well, it was worth updating as Bulleta and Felicia from Vampire / Darkstalkers were part of this set. A minor addition, but it's gallery #113!

Project X Zone 2

19th September, 2015

The 112th gallery on the site is dedicated to Project X Zone, the Namco / Sega / Capcom crossover title from a few years ago. With a second game on the horizon I opted to gather up the resources. Sadly, they come from all over and this is a 'complete' set in the loosest sense. Some are high-res images, others are posters with text/graphics, others have text overlaying the fighter, others have backgrounds. It's an ugly set, but hey, it's got Ryu, Chun-Li, Ken, Juri and Seth, so I guess it's relevant. There's also a full character poster available. Enjoy!

Project X Zone

18th September, 2015

Six weeks since my last update and three new SFV fighters revealed! The cast is looking interesting, truly, with several Zero characters returning. And...less common Zero characters. While SFIV got the Mad Gear/Final Fight gang going (Guy, Cody, Hugo, Poison, Rolento), Birdie, R. Mika and Karin are just weird choices in my opinion. The good news though is that there seems to be a lighthearted theme here. None are very serious (or serious looking) and so I expect the over-the-top nature of Street Fighter to be prevalent in part five. Now, we've seen 12 characters with four remaining (two new, two familiar). The pay model Capcom will be using is going to be we KNOW certain characters won't be left out. (Gouki won't be a standard character, at least) I just wonder if you'll earn in-game 'cash' to unlock later characters and if that 'cash' is a pain in the ass to earn.

Anyway, today we have art for Rainbow Mika, Rashid and Karin and I'm getting pretty psyched for SFV. Enjoy the high-res images!

SFV Reveals!

6th August, 2015

Balrog has been announced for Street Fighter V thus raising the known fighters to nine. Seven remain to be revealed, three of whom will be new. That leaves four familiar faces. They can't all be from SFII could they? I hope not! Though...let's face it, omitting Gouki would be a real surprise. And...the roster won't remain at 16, that's a certainty. Anyway, here's the art for Balrog (Vega) from Capcom Japan. It's worth noting that Shoryuken has the same art, however in lower resolution (but without his name). I chose the higher res version for now. Oh, if only SFV weren't soooo far away!

SFV: Balrog!

4th August, 2015

I was annoyed missing the final DLC for USFIV. So, I installed that stuff and captured another 44 screenshots. The USFIV Alternate Outfits Gallery is now complete, with five alternate costumes for the vanilla SFIV chars and four for SSFIV, AE and USFIV characters. That's 5x25 + 4x19 for a nice total of 201 separate images (plus thumbnails). Stupid endeavor indeed. Check it out if you care to.

Those I Missed

1st August, 2015

Stupid endeavor #99 - Capture alternate outfits for all Ultra Street Fighter IV characters. Well, I'm missing some here, and I don't have the last DLC. However, I thought this was a cool gallery. It's like 5Mb for thumbnails alone, but that's OK. Larger shots exist for all - but I most certainly didn't check the links for all 150+ captures, just a FYI. In any event, here's a full (well, almost full) gallery of all the alternate outfits for all 44 characters in SFIV.

USFIV: Alternate Outfits

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