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Selection Screen Profiles
Endings Official Art

The first three galleries were mostly ripped from the arcade version of the game and therefore contain only the base six characters. The first gallery has the three bosses included as I ripped those from the PS1 version and those images a slightly different resolution. The second has images of G.O.D. and Shade. The third gallery contains some animated GIFs. I like these despite the super-low resolution.

The final gallery was from Arcade Gear and contains official art. Some of these aren't the best quality (like the image of G.O.D.) but they're included for completion purposes.

888 x 1302 - 1.3Mb 942 x 1173 - 1.1Mb
624 x 586 - 152k 1954 x 1572 - 2.4Mb

All posters from a scan of Capcom Design Works except poster 3 which is from Arcade Gear.

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