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Series 1 Series 1a Series 1b Intro/Endings

The first series contains official Capcom art from the now-defunct Street Fighter Scene and covers Gem/Pocket Fighter. Series 1a contains arcade rips of the same art, captured by me. Perhaps unnecessary, I like having the GIFs. Series 1b is yet again the same art, now ripped from the WonderSwan version. It's really quite silly and completely unnecessary.

The last series contains art used for the intros/endings from the arcade version. Note that each character has 2-3 'animations'. These are usually simple changes. Chun-Li for instance begins by reading her paper and then turns her eyes to look forward. I've chosen my favorites of these and posted them.

Please note I have a ton of other sprites from this series on my personal pages here.

Poster 1

This artwork found at Arcade Gear.
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