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The game that started an arcade revolution. Released in 1991 there were many revisions of SF2: The World Warrior. Featuring eight selectable fighters, this game is credited as one of the most important titles of all time. Arcade rips of the character selection screen and defeated portraits are available here.
Just a year after SF2 hit, the first of several upgrades was released in arcades. The boss characters were now selectable and various tweaks balanced the gameplay. The galleries here include official artwork as well.
Cashing in on the massive success of SF2 and countering the numerous hacked boards on the market, Capcom issued SF2' Turbo: Hyper Fighting less than a year after CE came out. This revision made the game much faster and borrowed ideas from pirated versions like mid-air hurricane kicks. The game lost the Turbo moniker in the west. These galleries include the updated portraits and new artwork for the title.
The western release is the same as above just with a different title.
Nine months after SF2'T, the first true expansion of SF2 came out, this time on Capcom's CPS2 board. You'll notice an upgrade in visuals in addition to the four new fighters. In-game sprites and official artwork is featured here on the site.
An upgraded arcade version of SSF2, this was a multi-cabinet machine made specifically for...well...tournament play. There is no artwork on the site for this title.
Fast forward another six months and you have what is the last major SF2 release and what is widely considered the best title. Pristinely balanced, sped-up and including some new guy named Gouki (Akuma), Super Turbo is still played in tournaments. It's only fitting that this gallery contains the most sets of artwork and the best of them all. The game was titled SSF2 Turbo in the west, but the logo isn't nearly as cool as the Japanese original!
This is the same as the set above.
Released more than a decade later (2004), HSF2 is an anniversary game that contains playable forms of all fighters from all revisions. This is actually quite cool, allowing WW Guile to face off against HF Chun-Li, etc. In-game artwork represented each fighter's persona from that era (ST Guile looks chiseled, CE...not so much!) but there was no new artwork created for the game.
The GameBoy Advance version of SSF2X carried the Revival suffix and was a very faithful port of the original. This game featured new artwork created solely for this release and it is remarkable. The character portraits are some of the best the SF has ever seen. All artwork here was ripped from the portable game.
Once again, the western release was just renamed. This is the same set as above.
Released in 2008, the final revision (not quite) of SSF2X came out via the PSN/XBL and featured redrawn animations, online play and new balance tweaks. This seemingly didn't get issued in Japan, I cannot find any SSF2X:HD anywhere. Odd. There is new art here and, like the GBA game, it's spectacular.
A 2017 Nintendo Switch exclusive port of SSFII: HD Remix features a pair of new fighters! Evil Ryu and Violent Ken are added with the latter making his first appearance in a Capcom game. He was featured in SNK Vs Capcom: Chaos in 2003. This title currently just one new piece of art, a poster that mimics the style of SSFII.

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