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The 3rd entry into the series has a bit of a convoluted release history. Here's a quick history of them all, though all titles are blended together in these galleries.

This is the first release of the third Darkstalkers game. It was issued under the title Vampire Savior despite plans to have the name localized in the West.
Four months after the aforementioned release, a pair of quasi-upgrades hit Japanese arcades. Vampire Savior 2 removed Gallon and Aulbath (Jon Talbain & Rikuo respectively) as well as Sasquatch and restored Donovan, Phobos (Huitzil) and Pyron. The galleries that follow contain these added fighters when available.
Alongside Vampire Savior 2 came Vampire Hunter 2. This also shuffled up the roster, removing newcomers Bulleta (B.B. Hood), Q-Bee, Jedah and Lilith while restoring the three fighters also found in VS2. This led to a smaller cast. Each of these half-updates featured minor gameplay changes. You can read about all the specific changes here.
While the Saturn got a phenomenal, if bare-bones port, the Playstation version was severely lacking and it was suffixed EX Edition, much like the home ports of the first entries into the Versus Street Fighter games. No art can be found for this rendition.
The Western version of the Playstation port of Vampire Savior was just given the name Darkstalkers 3, foregoing the intended title: Jedah's Damnation.
Not to be confused with the later Vampire Chronicle for the PSP, this was a Dreamcast-only mashup of all Vampire/Darkstalkers games much like Hyper Street Fighter II.

With the history lesson out of the way, let's get to the art!

Series 1 Portraits Portraits (Swaps) Win Portraits
Sketches Stage Sketches

Gallery #1 is Bengus' artwork. This contains a mix of sources, some better than others, but I'm happy to have the full set despite the inconsistency. This also includes the three Vampire Savior 2 fighters.

The next two galleries are simply character portraits ripped from the arcade versions. As mentioned above, the full character list is at 18, combining Vampire Savior, Vampire Savior 2 and Vampire Hunter 2. The initial entry just has all the fighters while the second contains all eight color swaps (+2 for Dark Gallon). That's an absurd 146 different images.

The second set of art is the win poses after a match. Only one color is listed here.

The set of sketches is from the intros of VS2 and VH2. Some characters have 2 colors as they are featured in both games. Some contain 2 different sketches. All are quite cool!

Finally there are concept sketches for the game's backgrounds. Rather than having character-specific stages, these are all named. Fetus Of God was removed for Western releases.

Key Art
Promo Art Mook Artwork Concept Art
1147 x 1776 - 1.4Mb 1144 x 1542 - 1.1Mb 1115 x 1627 - 1.3Mb

All three of these were drawn by Bengus. All are spectacular.

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