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Series 1 Series 2

This game spawned some of my favorite art in the SF universe and all art is by the legend Bengus.

Series 1 is torso shots and over the years I've had sets of various quality. This is from a scan of SF25 and could be better - but it remains the best quality I've ever found. I've also included Dhalsim and Sakura from the home port, but these are from my original scans from the early 2000s.

The second however, is better. This includes all 23 fighters - adding the EX+ bonus characters (Cycloids, Evil Ryu & B. Hokuto) as well as the home additions Dhalsim and Sakura.

Poster 1
1192x814 - 263k

Special thanks to sairuk for cleaning up my scan of this awesome poster! This is just a collection of all the art in series 1 from above.

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