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There's a lot to cover here. Ready?

Series #1
This contains win poses from an unknown source. These are the odd perspective shots and are pretty awesome. This set include the characters added for the home ports. It also includes both Chun-Li and Sodom's alternate outfits (in X-ism) as well as Evil Ryu (from Sprite Rip City). Finally, the SFZ3 Double Upper characters were ripped by -Whiplash-.

Series #2 & 2a
The portraits here are my favorite art from this game and this is split into two galleries. The standard series 2 contains high-res official artwork of all 37 characters, with the exception of the SFZ3UU characters. Ingrid and Eagle are low-res images and Maki and Yun are screen captures (like series 2a) and are listed here for completion. Arcade Gear is credited for many of these.

Series 2a is the same artwork but these are just rips from the original arcade version of SFZ3 and therefore only contain the standard 25 characters. However, I ripped all color swaps, so for most characters there are 6 images for each: a pair for Z, V and X-ISM. Strangely, Adon, Dhalsim, E. Honda, Sagat and Zangief only have 3 different colors. Nash has 4. In all, you can enjoy 130+ useless images.

Series #3 & 3a
The 3rd series consists of win poses GIFs from Sprite Rip City. Like the first series, this contains the console characters and alternate outfits. -Whiplash- is credited for the SFZ3UU character rips.

Now, Series 3a is the same series but this is official artwork (not rips) and all are available in sexy high-res versions. The only downside to this awesome gallery is that Chun-Li and Sodom's alternate outfits aren't available. However, Eagle, Maki & Yun are included. Ingrid is not. These are large files but are worth it!

Series 4 & Endings
The last two series are from the arcade games and therefore there are only 25 characters per gallery. The first is the original character artwork was never my favorite set. However, upon editing these, I quite liked them.

The final series are all personal rips from the arcade version. Each character has a detailed ending in the game and inside of these endings are some new art. Note that not all characters have new art for their endings (i.e. Birdie) while others have more than one pic. Again, only 25 characters here. Sure wish I could do rips of SFZ3UU. I tossed in an animated version of Blanka.

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