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While Capcom had already issued X-Men: Children Of The Atom and Marvel Super Heroes, 1996's X-Men Vs. Street Fighter was a spectacular success. With over-the-top action and tag-team combos, it was the first of several Marvel crossovers. Home ports were made to the Sega Saturn (with a 4Mb RAM cart) and Sony's PS1 (albeit a stripped-down version). The art for this game remains among my favorites of the entire Street Fighter world.
A year after the wonderful XSF a sequel, Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter expanded Marvel's universe and featured even more insane action and phonemonal colors. Norimaru was a joke character removed from the U.S. version to avoid confusion. Tons of hidden characters were present and combos were bigger than ever. Once again Saturn and PS1 ports were issued with the former being the superior title. This game's art is pretty wonderful as well.
Another year later, another sequel! 1998's MVC expanded both rosters and its action was even more outrageous. A Dreamcast and PS1 port came out with the latter being stripped down once again. This was later released as part of Marvel Vs. Capcom Origins on the PS3 and Xbox360.
Upping the ante and featuring the most massive cast in a fighter for many years to come, MVC2 had 56 fighters in its home release and was the first game to abandon the CPS-2 board in favor of Sega's Naomi hardware. This game was ported to Sega's Dreamcast, the PS2 and Xbox before being revived as an online game on the PS3 and Xbox360. This game's art is very cool.
MVC3 is the first Vs. game not to appear in arcades and instead only came out on Sony's PS3 and Microsoft's Xbox360. Featuring 36 characters, this game's artwork was designed to have more of a comic-book feel to it.
An upgrade to MVC3, this game has its own dedicated art which includes a dozen added fighters. 51 characters are represented here: 25 selectable from both Capcom and Marvel and Galactus, the game's final boss.
An online collection of Marvel Super Heroes and Marvel Vs. Capcom for the PS3 and Xbox360, this game does not feature any new art but there is one poster available for your viewing pleasure.
The fourth entry into the popular MVC series arrived in the autumn of 2017 with 30 base fighters and a large number of DLC characters set for the following year.

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