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Arcade Releases
The long-awaited crossover was quite a shock indeed when it hit Sega's NAOMI hardware in 2000. 14 fighters from each side squared off featuring a mix of old and new sprites. Evil Ryu, Gouki and Morrigan were also included as unlockable fighters making the tally 17 in all. The art galleries contained here mix this iteration and the console upgrade (listed below) and only feature Capcom fighters. Two galleries are included, one drawn in the traditional SNK style and another in Capcom's. Very cool indeed.
This upgraded version added the Pro suffix when it was released as a NAOMI GD-ROM and also when it was ported to the Sega Dreamcast and Sony Playstation. In addition to new modes, moves and balance changes, a pair of fighters was added, one on each side, with Dan getting the call from Capcom. The gallery listed here contains him and is the same gallery as the original CVS listed above.
This 2001 follow-up is considered one of the better fighting games in history, adding new changes to the ratio system and a anumber of new fighters. The roster included more non-Street Fighter characters as well as the return of Eagle, the first time in almost 15 years. The game was ported to the Sega Dreamcast and then later the Playstation 2. The galleries here once again just contain Capcom fighters in the two different art styles.
CVS2 was later released on the Gamecube and Xbox in 2002 and 2003 respectively, now containing the EO suffix signifying Easy Operation. The new novice-mode option gave gamers simplified movesets as well as the normal, full game. No new art was made for this game.
Unlike the aforementioned titles, this 2003 version was developed by SNK and not Capcom. Landing on the Neo Geo, it was later ported to the Playstation 2 and Xbox, with only the latter being issued in America. A dozen standard fighters were included with another six unique hidden characters also available. Several galleries can be found here including win poses and various versus portraits.
Handheld-Only Releases
While Capcom Vs. SNK may have made the biggest splash, SNK's own handheld version actually came first. 1999's Neo Geo Pocket Color game featured 10 standard, expected faces with three bonus fighters. This is the Japanese logo and this gallery contains rips of all 13 in-game portraits as well as the 10 normal-roster fighters in their SD glory. I quite like this art though it's not the highest resolution.
The American release also shipped in 1999 despite the portable's limited market. This is the same gallery as the one listed above.
Also shipping on the Neo Geo Pocket Color in 1999, this game came out in two flavors. There was a Capcom version and a SNK one contains the same gameplay but different starting decks. This is the Japanese logo of the card game and this gallery contains a full set of 72 cards from the Capcom side of the game.
This is the logo for the red SNK Version for American shores. This is the same gallery as the Japanese version above.
This is the logo for the blue Capcom version for American shores. This is the same gallery as the Japanese version above.
The 2001 sequel never made it to the West. Given the suffix Expand Edition, this was the last game to ship on the Neo Geo Pocket Color. 124 new cards were added - 62 for each developer. Only one iteration was released, unlike the previous game. A fan-developed patch, dubbed Card Fighters Clash 2 was issued in 2008 and is actually supported by SNK. I used this iteration to rip all 160 Capcom character cards in the gallery linked here.
The final entry into the Card Fighters series arrived on the Nintendo DS in 2006 in Japan. This contained a completely overhauled system and the 150 cards contained within are of higher resolution than prior entries. The whole set looks fantastic. This would be the final entry into the crossover series.

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