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After a long wait, Street Fighter IV finally hit arcades in the summer of 2008. After a long drought of quality fighters, Capcom returned with a very successful formula of classic and in-depth gameplay. This title was ported to the PC, PS3, Xbox360 and IOS and brought with it several.
An iPhone, Ipad, iPod Touch port of SF4 featuring online play. There is no art dedicated to this title.
As expected, an upgrade to SF4 was titled Super Street Fighter IV and this game added several new characters for a grand total of 35. Fighters now have more than one Ultra and new intros/endings were added.
The arcade updrade to Super Street Fighter IV featured four new characters and tweaked settings. Once again, home consoles were graced with perfect ports. The artwork galleries on this site for SSF4 include the AE upgrade characters.
A new title just for the Nintendo 3DS, no new artwork was created for this game.
Seemingly the final update of the SF4 engine, this DLC or retail release adds five characters. Four of these were from Street Fighter X Tekken and one is new. Art listed here is just for the new characters

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