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Series 1 Portraits Win Portraits Loss Portraits
Stage Sketches

The first series is Bengus' classic set of character art from the game. This is spectacular.

The following three galleries I captured from the arcade version of the game. The portrait gallery is from the character selection screen and the Vs screen. Two colors are given for these. The second set of art is the win poses after a match. Some of these are animated gifs, but I've yet to make those animated. The final set is the loss art which is mainly based on the win art, just slightly modified. All of these are animated.

The final consists of background sketches. These are pretty cool. All stages are present.

Key Art
Bengus Art
1277 x 1614 - 1.7Mb

Demitri swinging his cape with the faces of the other Night Warriors present is Bengus at his absolute best in the mid-1990s. The colors, expressions and over-the-top nature of this art is prime Capcom. It gets no better than this.

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