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All galleries were captured with the arcade versions. The first gallery is the regular character selection screen and the Vs screen portraits. 15 years later, for some dumb reason, I went back and captured all eight colors for all 14 characters. It's the same gallery as the first, just with 98 more sprites.

The second set of art is the win poses after a match. Much like Capcom did w/ the SF upgrades, the default colors were changed for the characters. These win pose screens have alternate colors. Who made the executive decision to give Gallon pink claws???

The next set is my favorite art from the game/series. After beating the game you're presented with a scrolling image of your character. I just put the images together to make these and tossed up some thumbnails. Really good stuff, especially Demitri.

Finally are official art. These two sets are fantastic and show Capcom in its prime. These are from Ikeno and Bengus and are simply spectacular. Enjoy!

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