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Portraits Select Screen Vs. Screen

I was never a big fan of this game, nor of the art. It all seemed rushed at the time and very gaudy. However, in retrospect, it was indeed a golden era of arcade gaming and upon second inspection of its art, I actually rather like it.

The first gallery is the artwork of the game and I'm loving this art right now. Thanks to Arcade Gear, I have a full set of art including Norimaru and Mech Gouki. This series is spectacular.

The second gallery contains in-game snapshots from the character selection screen and the victory screen. The thumbnails were from the selection screen (thus the cut corner). The gallery here is from the victory screen. I've captured all fighters including all hidden characters. This includes each character's alternate colors too, so mouseover them to see the second set of images.

The final set is from the Vs. Screen and also when performing supers. I've captured alternate outfits once again (mouseover again). This set has Apocalypse, but no alternate outfit exists for him.

Poster 1

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