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Loss Portraits Series 1 Series 2
Sketches 1 Sketches 2 Endings

The first set is the loss screen images and show the characters looking particularly bad. These were all redrawn from the original loss screens and I've included an animated version of Vega.

The next four sets are all utterly amazing and are all courtesy of Arcade Gear.

The first two are separate artworks produced and this really is where I started loving Street Fighter art. All 17 characters are included here, including Gouki, and it's just all fantastic.

The next two are the sketch artwork from the series, again, amazing stuff here. I can't say enough about how awesome this all is. Enjoy!

The final gallery is the single-screen endings for each character. Like the first gallery, this was captured from the arcade version of the game.

Poster 1
834 x 1070

Poster from Arcade Gear!
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