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Series 1 Cards

The first is a small set of eight characters. These were ripped from, of all places, a screensaver uploaded to the official site from way back in the day. The image below is also from this screensaver.

Set #2 is a a full run of 160 cards from the Capcom side of the game. No SNK cards are here. I ripped these using Mednafen and the translated ROM. This means that while the game never saw a Western release, all character names use their English equivalent. In some cases, however, the fan translation missed some or made errors (Shin Gouki, Rock). However, this is a full set and they look fantastic.

Poster 1
696 x 748

This is not really a poster, but it's official art and I had nowhere else to put it. Just a cool snapshot of Ryu and Terry Bogard. Not super-high res, but worth sharing.

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