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Once again, these pages are for Street Fighter mainly but I like the art from Vampire/Darkstalkers series a lot. SO, here are some galleries highlighting this series!

While the first game was subtitled Night Warriors in both Japan and the west, the sequel used this as the title in English-speaking territories. In Japan, a fitting sequel to Vampire was Vampire Hunter. Both were subtitled Darkstalkers' Revenge

The 3rd entry into the series has a bit of a convoluted release history, all detailed within. Here are some of the logos used for the third game.

The PSP Vampire Chronicle was a port of the limited Dreamcast game with some additional stuff tossed in. I've separated this gallery from the others as new art was created specifically for this release. Ultimately it is the same game as the DC game above.

Many years later, as part of the impending resurgence of the Vampire / Darkstalker brand, an HD collection of the second and third games in the series was issued. This contains a port of Vampire Hunter/Night Warriors and Darkstalkers 3 (which itself was a mix of VS/VH2/VS2.

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