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Series 1 Win Sprites Loss Sprites

Given that 2nd Impact - Giant Attack came out merely seven months after SFIII - and that New Generation had so much art, Capcom did not issue full promotional art for every character. Instead, the three newcomers: Gouki, Hugo & Urien got all the attention alongside Alex. After having incorrect art on this site for years, this is now essentially the "complete" official artworks for this game.

Beside them are win and loss sprites from the arcade board. These links are identical to the ones found in the New Generation section as I merged all the palette swaps: 145 for win poses (most characters have six for NG and six for 2I, with some exceptions) and 151 for loss poses (bonus art for Gouki's censored blood.) Thus, these two galleries combine all those sets.

Finally, the last entry contains backgrounds I ripped and upscaled direct from the arcade version. These are spectacular, in particular Hugo's stage here. Check these out. They're amazing!

Key Art
1460 x 2048

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